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About Us

The UWA Family Mediation & Conflict Resolution Clinic is dedicated to providing excellence in the practice, research, and teaching of mediation and dispute resolution.

Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, we work with our clients on both individual and team-orientated bases to tailor dispute resolution services to best suit your individual circumstances.

We collaborate with a wide network of national and international specialists, including lawyers, barristers, mediators, and practitioners, as well as researchers from a variety of disciplines and professional backgrounds, to meet our ultimate aim: to assist the communities in which we live and work to thrive.

How our approach to dispute resolution is different


We collaborate with a team of world-class researchers and practitioners to incorporate theoretically-driven and evidence-based psychological concepts into our skills-base and approach to dispute resolution.

By providing a theory-informed framework to assist mediators to understand what might be motivating the behaviours of people in conflict, we have found that the efficacy of facilitative dispute resolution processes can be enhanced. Specifically, our approach is informed by contemporary mentalizing literature which we have adapted to be user-friendly and directly applicable to mediators from a range of backgrounds and professions.

Facilitative dispute resolution processes offer participants an opportunity to engage in a way that encourages future-focused self-determination and promotes harmony. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to use mentalizing concepts to help participants build a full and flexible understanding of their experiences and those of the other people involved in the situation.

Our Team


A/Prof Jill Howieson

Jill PhD (Law), LLB (Hons), BA (Hons) (Psych), BA (English) is an Associate Professor in the Law School at the University of Western Australia. Jill is the Director of the UWA Mediation Clinic and is the coordinator of the Negotiation and Mediation, and Dispute Resolution courses.
Jill researches, practises and teaches in these areas, and is the co-author and author of numerous international and national dispute resolution, and negotiation and mediation publications.

Darren Moroney - Pic.jpg

Dr Darren Moroney

Darren is a registered psychologist and nationally accredited mediator. Currently based in UWA’s Mediation Clinic, Darren conducts mediations and training courses. He is also undertaking research and evaluation projects with the aim of contributing to the evidence base for the field. As a practitioner, Darren has worked with a variety of clients across the lifespan utilising a mentalizing therapeutic framework.
As an academic, Darren has taught and co-ordinated units at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level within the Schools of Psychology and Public Health at Curtin University. He has also supervised numerous Masters-level Dissertations.


Vincent Tan

Vincent is a lawyer, mediator, and family dispute resolution practitioner. 

Vincent has been a lawyer since 2008, mediator since 2015, a FDRP since 2016 and specialises in collaborative financial and parenting matters.

Vincent has been a partner of Clairs Keeley since 2019 and graduated from the Oxford University Executive Leadership Program in 2021.

Vincent has a Masters in Law, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce specialising in International Finance.

Vincent lectures in mediation at The University of Western Australia, Anglicare WA and Centrecare. 

He was rated by Doyles Guide as one of Western Australia’s Leading Family Law Mediators for 2023. 

Vincent has gained great satisfaction in helping clients navigate the difficulties of separation. His ability to quickly and compassionately understand the needs of a client, and work out practical, collaborative solutions has helped thousands of families across Australia in his career. 


Belle Lane

Belle has worked as a mediator since qualifying in 2007, and also works as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Belle has been practising in family law since 1994 and has practiced in Victoria and Western Australia as a solicitor and at the Victorian and Western Australian Bar.

Belle currently works at the Victorian Bar and travels regularly to Western Australia for mediations. Belle is also a qualified arbitrator, who is available to travel to conduct mediations across Australia.


Dr Vincent Mancini

Vincent is a registered psychologist and nationally accredited mediator. As a Senior Research Fellow based within the UWA Law School, he actively contributes to the research objectives of the UWA Mediation Clinic, which are to design and develop strategies to improve the effectiveness of mediation.
Vincent possesses extensive expertise in research design, methodology, and biostatistics. His primary research interest is concerned with the impact of family functioning on the health and wellbeing of young children. He is also employed as a Senior Research Fellow at Telethon Kids Institute and Adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Curtin University Medical School.


Emmelie Sparkes

Emmelie is a PhD student with a particular interest in clinical psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and working with children. Over the course of her working career she has gained experience in a variety of different support-focussed roles.
Emmelie is a nationally accredited mediator and a provisional psychologist.

Our Advisory Board

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Our Collaborators

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